Energy landscapes

Design strategy for the coastal defence system and renewable energy network of the Netherlands
2013 – Architectural Association London
MA Landscape Urbanism

The Dutch always had to take precautions to prevent their land from being flooded, these flooding threats will definitely continue to be a concern in the future.
Instead of continuing the relatively small scale and short-term “solutions” of nourishing the beaches, larger scale interventions could provide for a long-term solution.
The proposed intervention doesn’t consider the land-sea boarders as given fixed elements but approach the landscape – under and above water – as one system.
The intervention is based on the existing near shore sandbar patterns in the North Sea. The objective of the intervention is to build up a dynamic coastal defense system in which natural processes play an essential role. At the same time new land is generated in the form of semi-artificial sandbars, this new land will initially be used to locate new windparks.
Besides from being a long-term solution for coastal defense and at the same time a unique sustainable energy landscape, this project would generate many jobs and help start up the economical engine working again. With the realiza­tion of this project, the Netherlands could also strengthen their position on the world map as specialists in land expansion.