The dream of Karel Appel

Art platform & museum in Amsterdam
2010 – Msc Architecture Graduation Project, selection nominees Archiprix 2011
Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Delft

The story of this building starts with an artist, Karel Appel.
Karel Appel was one of the most famous Dutch artists of the 20th century. Just after the Second World War, he acquired his fame by provoking with experimental art. Together with some other European artists, including Corneille and Constant Nieuwenhuys, he founded the CoBrA movement. Appel never lost the experimental and adventurous attitude he developed at that time.
I saw the film The reality of Karel Appel (Jan Vrijman, 1961) for the first time at an exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, when I was about 6 years old. The wild movements Appel makes towards the canvas to smash the daubs of paint on it, fascinate me a lot. Appel expresses his emotions through his art. Although his working methods seem unconsidered and arbitrary, he did think about where to put which color.
After this first, violent acquaintance with Appel, my interest in him grew, and finally culminated in my graduation project: The Dream of Karel Appel. He desperately wanted a place to exhibit his works to the public.
Intensive research on the life and work of Karel Appel and the way he inspired other artists formed the basis for the design.
My fascinations for Karel Appel are a star