Foundation Dogon Education

Architectural design, writing, organizing events, fundraising, research, graphic design and fieldwork
2010 – 2013
Client: Foundation Dogon Education

The Foundation Dogon Education is a non profit organization based in the Netherlands, working closely together with local Malinese partners. Their goal is to improve life quality for the people in the remote Dogon region in Mali through the development of education.
My work for the foundation included making building drawings, promotional material, organizing events, fundraising, realisation of the website, researching building methods, materials and culture and graphic design.
We published the book Beyond building, which shows the work of the foundation over the last 15 years. I worked on the concept, the drawings, text and graphic design of this book, which is available in Dutch, English and French.
Besides this, I did fieldwork in the Dogon region in Mali. Here we work closely together with a local contractor and craftsmen. The work included checking upon the state of the school buil