Apartments Westerkade

Four apartments in Rotterdam
2011 – in progress
Client: Gode Fridus Samuel Stichting

At the Westerkade along the river Maas in the protected quarter Scheepvaartkwartier, one of the few remaining historical parts of Rotterdam, lies an ensemble of monumental houses. The client and owner of these buildings wants to fill the last gap in this ensemble. The new building will house four apartments and parking space. As the area has a very high monumental status, the (aesthetic) rules are very strict. Cultural historical research and analysis of the context have been an important basis for the design.

The composition of the facade is modest and well balanced, matching with the neighbouring houses.
A clear plinth of stainless steel functions as the solid base for the building at the embankment, which used to be a busy wharf (image 2).
Perpendicular masonry with white strokes refer to the typical white lines in the neighbouring buildings (image 3).
Large windows can be opened and offer a spectacular view on the river Maas (image 5).